New Mexico is one of 16 states within the United States, that provides all property owners the opportunity of Rights of Redemption. The Rights of Redemption in real estate allow all New Mexico property owners the ability to purchase their home from the bank when their property was sold due to foreclosure. In other words, you are given the chance to buy back your house sold at foreclosure auctions. Desert City Properties in Albuquerque, New Mexico are dedicated to helping you earn quick cash using the Rights of Redemption.

Redeem Your Property after Foreclosure
The Redemption of Rights may seem like an actual redemption but it has its flaws. For one, many homeowners in New Mexico have lost their home due to many circumstances. Therefore, it is reasonable that they are not able to pay for the approved auction sale and the other required fees. Fortunately, seeing this issue, Desert City Properties in Albuquerque, New Mexico has found an easy solution to this problem.

The Rights of Redemption in real estate can be easily transferred from one party to the next, which is a huge benefit. Selling your Rights of Redemption is crucial and buying Redemption Rights is our specialty. This will allow us to purchase the home or property directly from the bank while also paying you hard cash in little to no time. With Desert City Properties, selling your home for cash couldn’t be easier. 

Sell Your House Fast With Desert City Properties
Desert City Properties process is conducive to efficiency. This is why we are committed to a simple and easy process of selling your house for cash. This process includes:

Allow us to take a quick tour of the property so we can evaluate the condition that it is in.

Instant Cash Offer
At Desert City Properties, not only do we take pride in offering the best cash offer for your home. We can also get you a cash offer within 24 hours!

Transfer Rights
With the swift movement of your pen, you can easily sign and transfer your redemption rights. 

Get Paid!
Desert City Properties guarantees that you will reap the benefits of having hard-earned cash in your hand.

Rights of Redemption, New Mexico

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