New Mexico is one of 16 states within the United States, that provides all property owners the opportunity of Rights of Redemption. The Rights of Redemption in real estate allow all New Mexico property owners the ability to purchase their home from the bank when their property was sold due to foreclosure. In other words, you are given the chance to buy back your house sold at foreclosure auctions. Desert City Properties in Albuquerque, New Mexico are dedicated to helping you earn quick cash using the Rights of Redemption.

You never know when things can go wrong and you need to do a quick house sale. It can be because of an unforeseen inheritance, a divorce, a looming foreclosure, or a rental that you need to get rid of - you will find yourself thinking that I need to sell my house fast. The prospect of acquiring a property can be overwhelming experience, selling it fast can be just as overcoming. However, with the right planning, setting a good price and first impression, and you will have offers rolling in for your house in no time!

Rights of Redemption, New Mexico

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